Episode #001 - First Try

Here's an introduction to the podcast. Meet me, but not me (I distorted my voice in these first few episodes). Early on I was worried about drawing my girls and family into this endeavor so I thought it wise to disguise myself in case someone I knew stumbled upon the show.

Things I talk about here:

  • Brief intro to me
    • Lots of uncertainty about show, suicide and life in general.
    • Demons and dark thoughts in my head.
    • I'm not worthwhile.
    • Hoping to share my story and maybe learn a little along the way.
  • Body of the show
    • Talked about the intake process of my upcoming partial hospitalization program.
    • DBT and CBT
    • Learn tools for my toolbox
    • Questions asked during intake
    • Hoping to learn to live a "healthier" life.

Thanks for listening.


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Episode #002 - The Program