Episode #013 - More Questions Than Answers

Here's the thirteenth episode where I talk about a fantastic site I recommend all with a mental illness and their loved ones should visit. It's full of stories from sufferers of mental illness, resources and a daily anonymous chat open to all.

I also revisit the topic of not feeling emotions and how I might be able to start to get a handle on that.

Tattoos and pictures also! Give a listen.


Michael Landsberg's site SickNotWeak is dedicated to giving those with mental illnesses a voice to share their story, a chance to help others and fight the stigma of mental illness.

Subreddit about depression. Constantly new voices can be read there.

; Tattoo. Anyone heard of this? Author, could have ended a thought, but didn’t. Could have died by suicide, but didn’t.

At Eternity's Gate by Vincent Van Gogh

Here is the direct download link. (right click and "save as")


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