Episode #004 - Speak About Your Mental Illness

Here's the fourth episode where I talk about why I think we should all be willing to speak about our illnesses.The more we don't talk the more we let stigma grow around us. I'm not suggesting you scream from the rooftops, but at least be willing to share in casual conversations. Let the rest of us do the screaming.


  • I'd like the show to be a collaborative effort.
    • Send me feedback
    • Share your story with me
    • Still using old contact info.
  • I stopped my day program.
    • Didn't quit without a plan.
    • Starting a DBT program soon.
    • Please please please don't stop your current therapy/prescription without a solid plan.


  • I'm terribly socially awkward.
  • Home Depot rocks.
  • People in program were worried about going back to work.
    • No one at work knew their story or why they were taking time off.
    • Afraid to tell them.
    • FMLA protection
  • Talking about out illness helps fight stigma.
  • There can be therapeutic value in talking openly about our struggles.
  • Referenced Tuesdays With Morrie 

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